WordPress Countdown Widget Help

WordPress countdown widget is a simple widget to add countdown and countup timers to your site. It has both widget and shortcode support and It is so easy to use. If you haven’t downloaded this plugin yet download it here.


This is title for the widget. You can leave it blank or give your widget a title like “Final Countdown” ­čśŤ

Event Title

This text will be displayed at the bottom of countdown. You can leave it blank or you can enter a phrase about the event like “until my birthday!”. This will explain why you are counting down.

Note; you can use html in this field to add links.


This is the date we are counting down to. If you enter a past date countdown won’t work.


Hours, Minutes and seconds of countdown. Any problems with that?


This is where you can change how your countdown is displayed. Here are basic elements you can use in this field:

Y : years
O : months
W : weeks
D : days
H : hours
M : minutes
S : seconds

The basic countdown format is HMS which will display, hours, minutes and seconds.
Using lower case letters will hide “0” (zero) values from the countdown. For example if you use yowdHMS as format then it will hide year, month, week and day values once they are “0”. If you want to show days only you can use D as format text.


This is the text color of countdown widget. You can use three letter hexadecimal colors as well as 6-digit colors. See a list of html colors you can use here.

Background color

This is background color of countdown area. You can leave it blank to leave it transparent. Default gray background is : #ddd


This is the width of the countdown layer. Countdown auto size contents to fit this width. If none is entered it will expand to full width of sidebar.

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  1. Nat says:

    hi there
    I had your countdown timer plug in running on a few pages on this site
    and it stopped working. I deleted it, reinstalled in in the sidebar widget and still nothing. Any suggestions?

    1. shailan says:

      If you are using Minify from the W3 Total Cache it can affect the countdown scripts. This error can be caused by loading jquery twice also. Please deactivate any recently installed plugins, clear cache, and then test it.

  2. Penny Haynes says:

    Great little plugin. I would like to be able to embed several separate event countdown widgets on separate pages with different event dates.

    I have been able to play with the css to make it look like I want, but how can I utilize your widget code like a shortcode with parameters (a parameter for the event date/time)?

  3. axl says:

    after the update the colours are wrong and cannot be changed any more

    1. shailan says:

      I am going to fix that error tomorrow, will also write a post about shortcode usage.

  4. MIKE says:

    I am trying to embed this code to my website, and after filling out the information, the countdown shows all zeros.

    1. shailan says:

      Please double check your date. If it shows all zeros this means countdown has finished.

  5. Trent says:

    Great plugin! Two questions:

    – On the latest plug-in update, it changed my countdown from what it would be today (6 months, as the date is 10.10.2011) to 5 months, 4 weeks, and 2 days. Any particular reasoning? I’ve messed around with the date and can’t even get it to go to 6 months even.

    – I was wondering if there is an easy way to adjust it to just show the days, (e.g. 60 days instead of 2 months). Is this possible without getting into a difficult amount of script modification?

    Thanks for the help! Anxious to hear any fixes. Thanks!


    1. shailan says:

      Hello Trent, I have no idea why it would display 4 weeks instead of 6 months. You can hide weeks using “DHMS” as format. This format will display only Days and time. If you want to show only days use “D” for format value.

      1. Trent says:

        PERFECT. Thank you very much – works great.

  6. William says:

    In the preview of the widget it shows a 1-2 px border around the background color but this is not present when I add the widget to my page. I like the border, is it something that I can somehow add simply? I see it may have been removed a couple versions ago? Thanks in advance.

    1. shailan says:

      Yes it is possible to add border, but without padding.

      [css]body .hasCountdown{
      border:1px solid #999;

      This code will add border around all countdowns on your site.
      Currently countdown doesn’t have a wrapper div, so it is impossible to add the padding.
      I may add it with the next version for better styling.

  7. Chris says:


    on your page I see the countdown having rounded corners. Is it possible to make this happen? How do I do this?

    1. Metin Saylan says:

      Just add this code to your stylesheet:

      [css]body .hasCountdown{ border-radius: 10px; }[/css]

      For now border radius support is limited. But soon all browsers will show this as rounded.

  8. Francisco @chycoo says:

    Hi Shalian, first i am sorry about my poor english, i live in Brazil and we speak portuguese here! How i can change my default language? I find the language files … but i don┬┤t know how to change to “pt-BR” . Can you help me?

    1. Metin Saylan says:

      #countdown-widget uses default wordpress language defined in wp-config.php. Read the reference here : http://codex.wordpress.org/Installing_WordPress_in_Your_Language

  9. Nate says:

    Great plugin! I was wondering if it’s possible to display the countdown with two digits separated by colons – 09 : 00 : 23 : 02

  10. lay_aw@yahoo.fr says:

    Hello there im trying to use your plugging on my wordpress website but after filling up all the infos, its still now showing up on the homepage. Any help?

  11. online.myemails@googlemail.com says:

    Hi, Its there a way to change the hours – to hrs, seconds to secs, minutes to mins please

    1. Sunny says:

      in the field ‘FORMAT’ just erase and put in M instead of ‘yomdh’ etc.

      1. vernon says:

        if you are answering me, I have already eliminated the “Y”. Isn’t that enough?

        1. Matt Say says:

          Hello Vernon, Seems like plugin needs to check for quote signs. Your js doesn’t work because of a syntax error:
          js error

  12. vernon says:

    I am new to working on my wordpress site. I am not skilled but determined to get it right. I submitted the counter and it worked but the counter didn’t display everything. I saw it was in two places. I eliminated one place, cleared the cache, and rebooted the site. The counter still doesn’t come up although your link on my site with the arrow does. I don’t know what else to do.

  13. KTDL says:

    Absolutely love this countdown. Is there any way you can abbreviate minutes and seconds to min and sec Looks a little crowded. Thank you

  14. Mojisola says:

    I have done all and the preview looks good but the countdown timer is nowhere on my website.

    1. Probably there is something wrong with jquery on your theme. Or it can be another plugin that is changing your jquery version. Please give me a link to your site.

  15. joy says:

    Hi there i have just installed the plugin and configured it. I can see the countdown timer working the in the preview, but when i put the plugin in the top widget area it wont display. If i put it in the primairy widget area it will only displat the title. How can i get the widget working the the top widget area ?
    WP version 4.0
    Hope to hear soon.
    Gr joy

    1. Can you give me a link to the site, so i can see what’s wrong. Thanks.

      1. Joy says:

        Hi there the url of the site is : http://www.sv-dhl.nl. thanks in advance

        1. Hello, There is another countdown plugin (T- Countdown plugin) loaded on your site. This may be the problem that prevents it to work. Please remove the other countdown plugin and see if this works.

          1. Joy says:

            Hi There, i have removed the T countdown plugin but still no countdown clock.

          2. Hello Joy, just noticed your theme adds jQuery on header in an incorrect way. That is why it removes previous loaded plugins. You can preview it here:


            If you can edit php files, you can remove second highlighted part from your header.php.

    2. Joy says:

      Hi There, I have removed the Jquery line and the countdown timer is working. Think the reason for the older jquery was the use of ACF field repeater. Thanks for the help. Just another question : i have tried to install the dropdown menu widget. i can download it from the wp admin but it wont install, saying insuffient rights ? I’m logged in as admin and have full access to the server and the database am i missing something ?

  16. I cannot find the Plug-in option in my WP Admin to upload this?

    1. Download the widget and upload it to your server through `WP Admin -> Plugins -> Add New -> Upload`

  17. The countdown is appearing in english at my site, but my site is in portuguese.

    What do I have to do to translate the plugin?


    1. Countdown uses wordpress interface language by default.

  18. Kamil says:

    Hi there,
    Is there an opportunity to enter in CWidget Countdown at End Date (Y.M.D): hour? On this moment widget count to 12 PM. I must configure it to 5 PM. Thanks!

  19. Maria says:

    Nice plugin. Nevertheless I have a problem configuratin the countdown. It’s for an event taking place the 28/01/2016. Today it’s the 03/11/2015. The plugin calculates that it will take place in 394 days. On the other hand, the plugin does not allow to set the event’s date (28/01/2016). Any time I try to do it, automatically sets it to 12/01/2016

    1. Jonathan Wilson says:

      My guess is you’re trying to enter dd/mm/yyyy whereas the plugin is looking for mm/dd/yyyy???

      1. James says:

        Thank you for writing this plug-in.

        I made the same error. I suggest that this control be replaced with
        [dd] [list of months “Jan(01)…Dec(12)”] [YYYY]

        this should be very clear for all users.